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Myspace Visitor Map
Create a custom map to go on your profile and see who's visiting your profile and which where they come from.
Wavy Flash Scroller
Choose a colour and write a message for your profile with our wavy scroller.
Myspace Lava Lamp
Create a funky flash lava lamp for your profile - choose any colours you like and generate it.
Myspace Layouts
We have loads of the sexiest myspace layouts available on the net - browse through over 1000 of them.
Glitter Text Generator
Create your own glitter words with this cool generator and use them on your profile.
Profile Counter
Count how many visitors you've had on your profile.

Mycodesplace - Myspace layouts & Codes

31/12/2009 :
Happy New Year from mycodesplace! We have two new generators for you - A swinging heart and a Love Note - show your loved ones you care!
Also try out crazy text, myspace scroller and a myspace clock.

31/12/2009 :
New images: Show some love, thanks for the add and myspace movie images.

31/12/2009 :
Today we added a cool myspace fish tank aquarium to add to your profile.

31/12/2009 :
Its almost time for a new year so grab yourself some happy New year images & comments

25/12/2009 :
Mycodesplace wants to wish all our users a merry Christmas! Why not grab yourself some Christmas glitters & images for your profile or comments. We have also added some sport logos. We have also added loads of Rock Band Layouts and Movie layouts - go check them out.

23/12/2009 :
Today we added a cool profile counter - see how many people have been visiting your myspace profile, choose a color to match your layout.

23/12/2009 :
50 new myspace layouts for you today, check them out : Abstracts , Cars, Dark, Disney layouts , Fairy Layouts , Guitar Layouts , Military & Army Layouts , Nature, Soccer / Football Layouts.

23/12/2009 :
We have just added over 70 new high quality myspace layouts : Asian Designs , Cars, Celebrities, Flags, Fun Objects, Funky Abstracts (hot), and Nature. Get them while they're hot!

22/12/2009 :
As you can see mycodesplace has had a redesign! We hope you like the new look, we thought it was about time and we are celebrating our 6 month anniversary what better time?
We have added loads of new better quality myspace layouts , images, and also some cool new toys you can put on your profile.

Check out our myspace map - see whos been visiting your profile and where in the world they come from!
How about a cool flash quizzes - let your visitors take the survey right on your profile.
A wavy text scroller so you can leave a message on your myspace.
Or how about a flash lava lamp to chill out to! Choose the colors and generate one for your profile.